Thursday, June 4, 2009

the T word - TWITTER

I am learning how to be really popular on the internet. Wow! Who knew there are so many ways to connect to thousands of random peeps. It is kind of cool, scary and strange all at the same time.

I have been learning (slowly) how to get virtual friends on twitter and how to use those friends as an audience for my etsy VidaDesigns and Racheljasmine websites. I have no idea if the whole thing is really working or if I am totally wasting time in a huge black hole. But - I am giving it a shot.

I read a really great tutorial on the etsy forums about how to use twitter for business purposes. (OH - that sounds so stuffy and formal! Gross!)

Anyway - give it a shot and check out the link: etsy forum post on twitter

You can follow me on twitter if you want. We can be friends. Don't worry. We can still be friends even if you are not a twitterer. :)

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