Monday, February 2, 2009

Sharpie Blogging - SKETCH BOOKS

This is my Sharpie Blog #2!  I wrote this Sharpie Blog on the 26th and am just getting around to posting it today! 


Dani Hammond said...

Hi Rachel! Just checked out your blog, from the shout-out on Twitter... Nice blogging! As for the organization dilemma... I'm an artist too and I feel your pain. You made me think about maybe getting some artsy-pals together once/month or so to share sketchbooks! Then you could be getting inspired by other artists and letting them be inspired by you too! You could share current work or old sketchbooks, that have collected dust. Plus you could use it for a critique. Thanks for the question... it inspired me! My blog if you care to follow me:

implexus said...

Hi there. I LOVE your sharpie blogging. I have some notebooks in my shop that I think would suit you. Im an artist and designer, Im constantly sketching and making lists and writing down ideas. I was so tired of keeping 3 or 4 notebooks on hand, or better yet, loose pieces of paper to get lost. So I made these sketchbook/notebook organizer books called Not Just a Notebook. Check it out :)