Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Computers as an Art Tool

Lots of people use their computers to create wonderfully inspiriting and provocative art, yet I have never felt like a keyboard or a mouse can inspire my creative side.  The screen and the numbers and letters bring forth the wrong side of my brain.  I spent a month thinking about how to blog if I can’t cut and paste with real paper and a journal and real sharpies and tactile paper.  Yet I have found a middle ground on that issue – see my Sharpie Blogging entries! 

When I have a brush or a pencil or marker my mind moves.  I don’t think. My hand flows and my mind skips.  I would love to insightfully share all of the wonderful moments and memories that have been created in my intimate art space but the words don’t come. How does one describe the feeling of getting lost in a painting? Time stops.  There is no plan. There are no step by step instructions. 

Maybe all these challenges are the reason I want to learn how to be a graphic artist too.  I could never give up my paints but would it hurt to learn something new?

Here are some of my new inspirations:

PATTERNS: www.patternoftheday.com

FABRICS: http://www.freespiritfabric.com/core-pages/galleryindex.php

MANDALAS: http://www.abgoodwin.com/mandala/gallery1.shtml

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Ron said...

I know a lot of people use wacom tablets, as its a lot more intuitive, and tend to be more creativity releasing than a mouse and keyboard. What might be even better are the pen displays...