Thursday, February 12, 2009

Putting It All Together - A Work in Progress

Last night - 12:30 am – I found myself sitting at my desk doodling instead of sleeping.  Here is what I made: four small illustrations with watercolor, marker & ink.  They were originally part of one larger piece but I cut it up!! 

I am in the process of deciding how to put together these four pieces. (Or maybe I will just let them work as pieces on their own).   Here are some of my layout options.  Please feel free to comment with your thoughts!  

I love a good critique!!  I will blog later about the final product!


Anonymous said...

I think all of these are really great and would work well as singles or side by side in a wall grouping. I am not sure if I would like to see them together in one piece, although I like the dark blue, it may be dark.

By the way, you've been tagged go to my last post and read what it's all about - it's a fun little survey ;)

Missy said...

Looks like you had fun. I like the last grouping photo. Reminds me of how I hang pictures on my wall.