Sunday, March 6, 2011

Collage Packs - New Item in my Etsy Shop!

I opened VIDA DESIGNS, my online paper supply store more than three years ago! Time flies when you are having fun I guess! After years of buying, collecting, sorting and organizing paper I find I have so much stuff. Lots of what I have stashed away is just fantastic but severely random! I decided to start sharing some of my fantastic paper stash by putting together paper packs for collage artist and scrapbookers. I think I like picking out papers and making a "composition" from all the peices probably more than people like using them!! They are so beautiful they are hard to sell. I just want to look at them. Um - does that make me crazy?!! :)
Here are a few....... click on the title of each to view them in my shop.

"In the Garden"

 "Around the World"

"Natural Chic"

"Color is the Spice of Life!"

These packs are stuffed full of all types of wonderful papers!  Collage packs include some of the following:  book pages, wallpaper, cards, foreign language text, vintage textbook pages, magazine clippings, die cut shapes, vintage sheet music, tags, envelopes, maps, designer scrapbooking papers, cardstock, woven grass papers, fabric sample cards, handmade papers, photographs or chipboard.

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