Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Uplifting summer images for the frozen folks in Michigan or anywhere else that feels the cold.

In Michigan the winter is cold and grey. I miss the sunshine, clear water, and I miss the color green.  Here are some images to help remind us of sunny and warm times.  I need to continue review my summer photos for inspiration and finding a source of green again!


Lauren said...

Thanks for the memories! :)
It really has been a rough winter so far... We can hope for an early spring... Maybe? Well, I'm crossing my fingers.

Lauren from Oxford,MI

Missy said...

Nice photos. I used to live in MI and I hated the winters there. The day I moved back to VA there was 2 feet of snow on the ground! Good riddens is what I say. Good luck staying warm up there.


racheljasmine said...

I have my fingers crossed too, Lauren! Today was a nice day. Lucky!!

racheljasmine said...

Hi Missy! Thanks - smart move on your part! I always keep moving in the back of my mind but haven't taken the plunge yet!